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»Der Traum des Torero«

Germany 1921, commercial film, two minutes
Director: Lucian Bernhard (source: Filmportal.de)
Production: Werbedienst GmbH
With Joachim von Seewitz and Lo Hesse
© Bundesarchiv Deutschland

The archivist Iris Kaufmann discovered the two-minute commercial (animated) film “Der Traum des Torero” (“The Dream of the Torero”) in the Hückeswagen City Museum in 2007. Filmed on cellulose nitrate in 1921, the commercial film also featured Joachim von Seewitz and Lo Hesse, who were a famous dancing couple at the time. Their appearance in this commercial for cigarettes earned Seewitz and his partner 100,000 marks.

F. W. Koebler, the director of the Clarisse Ballet in Berlin, also made other animated commercial films with Seewitz, which were shown among the short films that preceded major motion pictures in cinemas. Seewitz and Hesse began their joint dance career in Munich in 1916, which they continued with great success in South America in the 1920s. || B.O.

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