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Cristina Caprioli

Cristina Caprioli ​(*1953)


The choreographer and dancer Cristina Caprioli grew up in Italy. She was trained in Sweden and the USA. She worked as a dancer in New York, Sweden, Germany and Austria. In the early 1980s she lived in Munich, where she taught at Dance Studio Iwanson and danced and choreographed with the Iwanson Company. Her early dance pieces include “Maze”, “Just in Time”, “Primo Canto”, “Audible Thoughts” and “Red Dust Clear”, which she performed at the “Aus Leidenschaft! Tanz und Lied – Neu und Fremd” festival in the Alabamahalle in 1982. A year later she moved to Stockholm, where she lives and works today. She is one of Sweden’s leading choreographers. In 1998, she founded the non-profit organisation ccap, with which she produces choreographies, performances, installations, films, objects and publications and pursues long-term interdisciplinary research projects. Over the years, she has created more than 30 dance works, several films, as well as installations, two conferences/festivals, a symposium, an exhibition and publications. Caprioli’s choreographies are characterised by precision, complexity and sophisticated physical technique. From 2008 to 2013 she was professor of choreographic composition at the School of Dance and Circus (DOCH) in Stockholm. She has received a number of grants and awards. In 2019, she was invited by Tanztendenz München to stage two evenings at the Schwere Reiter as part of the STANDPUNKT.e series. In autumn 2021, she was awarded the Royal Medal “Illis quorum meruere labores” for “her extensive and significant work as a dancer and choreographer, as well as outstanding contributions to Swedish and international dance”. Caprioli tours her choreographies far beyond the borders of Sweden. Most recently, she was a guest in Berlin at Tanz im August 2022 with her retrospective “Once Over Time”. She is also regularly invited to teach at leading institutions.

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