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Leanore Ickstadt

Leanore Ickstadt ​

Leanore Ickstadt studied in New York. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University and took classes with Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey and José Limon. On a grant from the Fulbright Fellowship she came to Berlin, where she studied with Mary Wigman and started a family with the Americanist Heinz Ickstadt.

As an actress and dancer, she worked in Off-Broadway productions, for television, film and theatre in the USA and Europe, was a movement coach for Romy Schneider and John Travolta, among others, and choreographed for international companies. She is active worldwide as a teacher and lecturer, taught children’s classes in the “Headstart” programme on the Lower East Side of New York and for blind and deaf children, was a lecturer at the Heinz Bosl Foundation in Munich, and initiated the in-service training for dance pedagogy at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She is the author of the books “Dancing Heads. Ein Hand- und Fußbuch für kreativen und zeitgenössischen Tanz” (2007), “Dancing, Out of Germany: A bicultural reflection” (2011) and “Passage Confirmed” (2015).

With Irene Sieben and Joanne Pateas she founded TanzTangente, a studio for modern dance and movement research, in Berlin in 1981. She was founder and choreographer of the groups Sound & Motion in Munich as well as BERMUDA (Berlin Musicians & Dancers Co.) and Dance Berlin.

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